Posted on: November 30, 2018

How to get a work life balance

Did you know…….Employers promoting a work life balance attract the best talent pool and gain better workplace productivity.

As the lines blur between work and home life, employees who know how to leave work at the door at home and home at the door at work are getting the ones getting the most out of life by being present in the given situation; lowering stress and increasing productivity. Ensuring that employees are happy in their jobs not only increases productivity, it increases staff retention, loyalty and employee buy in, and ensures that the specialists in a company stay in house. This means that people you can trust are running your company, less time is spent interviewing, less money is being spent of recruitment fees, less time is spent training and mentoring, and you have a lot less frustration.

How to strike that work life balance in the workplace:

1. Witness the fitness

One word – endorphins. Promoting a team exercise scheme( whether it be getting a yoga instructor in every Monday to start the week right or arranging a Work football team or lunch time run club) not only tells your staff that you care about their well being, but by doing the exercise together your team is bonding and building solid trusted relationships. Also, if your staff are fit and healthy they are likely to have less sick days and exercise is a huge stress killer.

2. Children are the future…..

Or the key to your staff hearts. Whether male or female, people miss out on their kids while they’re at work; with travel time accounted for some people only get to see their humans at breakfast time and bedtime. The conflict and guilt of a working parent can heighten stress and limit life and work fulfillment. If your company isn’t geared up to offer onsite childcare, offering flexibility to staff will go a long way to cementing that employee engagement. Altering hours to allow for school pick up and drop offs, allowing home working or nursery vouchers could mean the world to…well men and women.

3. Break time

Believe it or not humans are not designed to sit behind a screen for 10 hours a day. Taking regular breaks helps alleviate stress and increases productivity.

4. Personal days

Ever broken up with someone and then had to go to work the next day. Or got blind drunk with your school friend from out of town on a Wednesday or had a sick child….wouldn’t it be great to work for an employer that gets it, everyone’s human and sometimes we all need that one day in bed (with or without a sick child). You’ll have less sick days and gain some very real trust.

5. If work doesn’t seem like a chore your staff will work harder for you, advocate your brand and want to stay with you. Just as an FYI – Replacing an employee costs on average around £30,000 (not just on recruitment fees but on lowered productivity) and it takes up to 28 weeks to get them up to speed. So it might be a good idea to keep your existing employees happy.

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